28th Jun 2014

One question that most clients have in regards to a family law case is; what do they need to do to prepare for their dissolution / divorce / family law issue? and what information is needed for the initial meeting?

Below is a simple checklist that prospective clients can utilize to prepare for their family law case and meeting.

1.  If you have children, make sure to contact Beechacres at 513-231-6630 or www.beechacres.org and register for the Helping Children Cope with Divorce parenting class.  The class is mandatory in Hamilton County (Cincinnati) and Warren County (children under 16) for any divorce or dissolution.  It is mandatory in Clermont County for any contested divorce.  In Hamilton County the class needs to be completed by both parties before a dissolution can be filed.

2.  Documents to bring the first meeting with the lawyer:

  • Current pay stubs for both parties
  • 3 years taxes
  • 6 months bank statements
  • Copies of all bills including utilities
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Breakdown of health insurance cost, individual vs. family
  • Daycare receipts
  • Deeds and Mortgages
  • Title of Car
  • Information on retirement accounts
  • Most recent social security statements
  • Any legal documents you have received
  • Current budget

3.  If you are going to be moving out of the marital home, begin to research where you are going to be living including the cost of your new residence.

4.  If you are unemployed, and you are able to work, begin your job search.  Please bring a copy of your current resume to the first meeting, and keep a record of all employers contacted interviews.

5.  If you are disabled, please provide any medical records that are in your possession documenting your disability.

6.  A list of questions that you have for the attorney.

7.  If you are separated from your spouse / significant other and have been keeping a log/calendar please bring this to the first appointment, along with any pictures or recordings that you feel are relevant.

Every family law case is unique, and the above mentioned is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all documents that will be needed.  It is a starting point for most cases.  For more information or to discuss family law issues with an experienced divorce attorney in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Clermont or Warren County please visit www.AndrewIceLaw.com or contact us at 513.651.4227 with any questions.

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