If you live in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Clermont or Warren County our attorneys can assist you in obtaining a child support order, or in reviewing an existing order.  Many individuals continue to pay a support order that is far too high or they are not receiving the amount of support they are entitled to. There is no minimum amount of time that has to pass before you can modify a child support order. Child support in Ohio is controlled by guidelines set by the State. Anytime that a party can show that circumstances have changed and that the change results in a 10% difference in the amount of support paid or received, the order can be modified. Changes that my result in this 10% difference include the start or end of daycare, health insurance changes, the emancipation of a child or income changes for the person paying or receiving support.

Although child support is controlled by guidelines set by the State of Ohio, there are many factors the Court may consider that may increase or decrease a support obligation. These deviations factors are not always recognizable. I will take the time on the phone to do a free preliminary child support worksheet to give you a general idea of the amount of support you should be paying or receiving. If a modification is appropriate the sooner the Motion to Modify is filed, the quicker the Court can make the change to the support order. If you wait to file, the Court cannot back date a modification request. The Court can only make the modification effective as of the filing date of the motion.

A child support worksheet can be computed by clicking of the following link:

In using this resource please remember that a child support calculation may include factors that are not included in this calculator. In addition, in Ohio a child support calculation tops out at a combined income of $150,000.00. If the parties have a gross income of above $150,000.00 there are reasons for the support calculation to continue, but this is on a case by case basis.

Call our office today and speak to a lawyer concerning your child support issue.  We will take the time to review your case to see if an adjustment needs to be made to your current order, or to assist you in obtaining a new order.