18th Dec 2014

No matter how you approach it, divorce is a difficult subject. It’s more than the decision of one person; in many cases entire families are impacted by a divorce and its aftermath. Hiring the right divorce attorney in Cincinnati is … more

18th Nov 2014

When clients come to our office seeking advice on family law issues, one question that is asked in every case is: What do I need to bring, or what kind of documentation does the Court require. The Courts in Hamilton … more

13th Oct 2014

When client’s come to our office for a divorce, dissolution or family law issue, inevitably they will ask: “How can I make my divorce easier on myself, family, etc. While there are no simple answers that apply in every case, … more

31st Aug 2014

How is debt allocated in a divorce? Am I responsible for debt in my Wife’s / Husband’s name? Am I responsible for a debt, if I did not know about it? Am I responsible for a debt even if my … more