Collaborative Law is a process in which the individuals involved are in control of the outcome of their case, not the Court’s. The individual can craft an agreement that best suits their needs and the needs of their family. This process is done outside of the court system. The parties specifically agree not to involve the Court. They enter into a contract that details every aspect of the collaborative process. (Click the link below for an example of the collaborative contract). The collaborative process has built in safe guards to insure that their is full disclosure of all pertinent information. The parties disclose information in a manner designed to provide an atmosphere of safety. One way this is accomplished is that if the process breaks down the collaborative attorney’s are prohibited from any further representation. In 2012 Ohio recognized collaborative law in “The Collaborative Family Law Process Act” which became effective March 20, 2013.

Since 2009 I have been a part of the Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals and the International Association of Collaborative Professionals. Over the years I have seen the damage a contested family law case can have on individuals and their families. Damage that can last for years and permanently effect you and your children. I have witnessed how ill equipped the Courts are in dealing with the issues presented in family law cases. I am personally committed to the collaborative process, and truly believe there is no better way to handle any contested family law issue. In the collaborative process, the parties can utilize mental health and financial experts to help them navigate through the tough issues. The parties can think “outside the box” and come up with solutions that are just not available to the Court.

For more information on Collaborative Law, I have provided articles and videos to explain the process in more depth.  Please navigate to the drop down menu under Collaborative Law.  In addition under the My Practice / Client Resources Tab there are helpful links to the Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals & the IACP websites, as well as a copy of the Collaborative Law Contract.


Collaborative Law Contract:
Collaborative Family Law Participationg Agremeent

If you feel that the Collaborative Process may help you resolve a family law matter, please call my office and I will take the time to explain the process in more detail at a free consultation.