No one enters into a divorce, dissolution or contested family law matter lightly. It is an event that can change an individual’s future, for better or worse, more than almost any other event a person will experience. Family law cases are unique in that results not only affect the individual, but that individual’s family.  The negative consequences that can occur in family law cases are the main reason my practice emphasizes collaborative law.  If you are looking for an attorney in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Clermont or Warren County, choosing an attorney that understands the unique nature of family law, and has the experience to guide you through the process is paramount to minimizing the impact on you and your family.

My philosophy on handling family law cases comes from recognizing the significant changes and uncertainty a divorce can create for an individual and their family. Through time and a wealth of experience, I have come to realize the Courts are ill equipped to handle the sometimes difficult and complex issues that arise in family law cases. In most cases I attempt to arrive at a solution without litigation, using mediation, collaborative law and any tools available to achieve this result. Resolving a case in this matter is not always possible, and in these situations I zealously represent my clients within the bounds of the Law.