A dissolution is an agreed upon termination of a marriage. In order to file a dissolution, the parties must agree on all terms of the dissolution, including but not limited to custody, parenting time, child support, spousal support (alimony), and property/debt division.

In order to file a dissolution:

– one of the parties must be a resident of Ohio for 6 months, and the County where the dissolution is filed for 90 days.
– have a signed agreement on all terms of the dissolution and completed all of the forms required by the Court in the County in which they are filing.
– attend a parenting education class (if required by the Court). Please refer to the Client Resources tab on my website for class requirements in your County.
– pay the required filing fee, or file the necessary poverty forms.
– both parties have to attend the the final hearing.
– wait 30 days from the filing of the dissolution to have the final hearing, and wait no longer than 90 days.
– comply with any other rule(s) or procedure(s) of their Domestic Relations Court.

How long does it take to complete a dissoluiton?

– My office can file a simple dissolution in 24 hours under certain circumstances.
– After the dissolution has been filed the final hearing cannot be held until 30 days have past from the filing of the dissolution,  and must be held within 90 days from the filing of the dissolution. In Hamilton County if the parties have minor children, a dissolution cannot be filed until the parties have attended the Helping Children Cope with Divorce parenting class. Please refer to the Client Resources Tab in my website to find out how to register for this class or click the following link for information and registration for the class through Beechacres: www.beechacres.org

How Much will a Dissolution Cost?

Attorney Fees – My fees for a dissolution generally are a flat fee starting at $500.00 for a simple dissolution without children. Attorney fees increase for more complex cases and in situations where there are children and/or shared parenting plans.

Court costs – Each County in Ohio has a filing fee that must be paid at the time a dissolution is filed. For a complete breakdown of filing fees, refer to the Counties Serviced tab in my Website and then navigate to your County’s Clerks Website to find out the filing fees for your County. In certain circumstances the filing fee may be waived for indigent individuals.  In addition if a parenting class is required by your County there will be a fee to attend the class. The cost for the Beechacres parenting class is $40.00.

Are there any restrictions on who can file a dissolution?

No, it does not matter how long you have been married or the status of children. Any couple can file a dissolution as long as the requirements of the Court have been met.

Can one attorney represent both parties in a dissolution?

No, it is unethical for an attorney to represent both parties. An attorney can only represent one party, and an attorney is prohibited from giving the other party legal advice. Many couples, however, decide that only one party is going to be represented by an attorney, and the other party then signs a waiver of representation.

There are far too many aspects of a dissolution to be covered in any website. For each aspect of a case, while there may be a standard practice, there may be exceptions and reasons to deviate from this practice. I will take the time to go over every aspect of your case, taking the time to explain where an exception may be appropriate. I will try an answer your most pressing questions on the phone and follow this up with a free consultation.

If you are looking for a dissolution attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio  please remember that it does not not have to cost thousands of dollars, take the time to have your case evaluated by an attorney with 20 years experience practicing exclusively in the area of family law.