24th Apr 2014

Dealing with a family law issue, whether it be a divorce, dissolution, child support or post decree issue, can be one of the most dramatic times in an individual’s life. Choosing the lawyer best able to handle your specific issue is paramount in achieving a positive outcome. Prior to retaining a family law attorney a client should ask any prospective attorney the following questions:

  1. How long have you been in practice?
  2. How much of your practice is devoted to family law issues?
  3. How often do you practice in the client’s county? There are differences between Hamilton, Clermont and Warren County Ohio Courts. Knowing these differences is essential in helping a client evaluate their case.
  4. How many cases have you handled in your career?
  5. How many trials have you conducted?
  6. How many collaborative law cases have you handled?
  7. Are you a member of the Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals?
  8. What is your strategy in handling a family law case?
  9. How much will it cost? Not just the initial retainer, but total cost.
  10. Do they provide a written contract?
  11. Do you bill for travel, postage, copies, faxes, emails and phone calls?
  12. Do you offer a flat fee for simple dissolutions?
  13. Will you be personally handling the case at all times, or will an associate be handling some aspects of the case.
  14. Will you guarantee a result? If the answer is yes, leave as quickly as possible, no attorney can guarantee how a Court will rule.
  15. Do you provide the client with your cell phone and email information in case of emergencies.

If you have a family law issue such as a divorce, dissolution, child support, spousal support, or post decree issue in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Clermont or Warren County, Ohio, please visit www.andrewicelaw.com or contact us at 513.651.4227 for a free consultation. Our attorneys will make sure you have the answers to these and any other questions you may have.

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