31st Jan 2014

Bankruptcy and Divorce or Dissolutions often go hand in hand. Sometimes this is a benefit to the parties, other times, if your attorney is not versed in family and bankruptcy law, major problems can occur. Prior to opening The Law Offices of Andrew Ice, my former firm Zegarski and Ice., Co., L.P.A, practiced in the areas of Family Law and Bankruptcy.

If you live in Cincinnati or Hamilton, Clermont or Warren Counties and are considering a divorce, dissolution or have other financial family law issues, it is imperative that your attorney have experience in both bankruptcy and family law.

If your attorney is not careful in how your agreements are drafted, you may be forced to pay debts that you thought were solely your ex-spouse’s obligation, or your may exchange an asset that your are entitled to on the “promise” that your ex-spouse is going to pay an obligation that they later discharge in Bankruptcy.

In the collaborative law setting the parties have the option of filing a joint bankruptcy. If this option is chosen the parties would not experience the problems listed above. An individual that is involved in a typical divorce would not have this option open to them, as the Court’s do not have the power to order an individual to file a bankruptcy.

At the Law Offices of Andrew Ice we will take the time to review your case and explain how a potential bankruptcy by you or your spouse may affect the outcome of your divorce, dissolution or family law issue. There are differences in how a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy effect parties in a divorce. After reviewing your case, if necessary we will direct you to a Bankruptcy attorney for a more in depth analysis of your situation. For your convenience, a bankruptcy firm is located in our office that can assist you in filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

For more information about divorce /dissolution or to schedule a complimentary consultation please visit www.andrewicelaw.com or contact us at 513.651.4227.

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